Luxury Hair care by Alcina

The Alcina Royal haircare range presents itself as a high-quality luxury care system, which regenerates, revitalises and provides long-lasting care for damaged, dull, brittle and lifeless hair in four steps. With their exclusive formulas, which include, for example, cashmere and extract of pearl, the four regal products work together to develop and release their wonderful effects... and all completely naturally. Short hair and long hair alike will shine with new health after these treatments, enchantingly beautiful, glossy and wonderfully smooth.

Alcina Royal - regally luxurious haircare in four steps

Developed according to scientific findings, the high-quality “Royal” system of care products from Alcina represents a combination of four components, which together make up the “ideal solution”. The path to beautiful, vibrant, healthy and glossy hair through these products begins with step one with the preparatory “Royal Hair Shampoo”,moves on to the second step with the strengthening “Royal Hair Pack”, followed by the ”Royal Nourishing Rinse” as the third step in the process, with the “Royal Care Serum” as the last step to protect the hair. These four products work in harmony with each other, following a targeted line of process to provide the hair with important, effective and high-quality nutrients in every phase of the care programme.

In a natural, gentle and protecting way, the hair is given back its strength and is provided with long-lasting care. The hair will gain elasticity and will become more resilient against damaging environmental influences. The colour and shine of the hair will be regenerated.The end result of the Alcina Royal systematic luxury haircare programme is fantastically healthy, beautiful hair with amazing shine and an enchanting smoothness.