Agent Provocateur

A revolution on the lingerie market. Women’s sexual liberation expressed by seductive lingerie, playful accessoires and superior beauty products. That’s what the Argent Provocateur brand stands for. The lingerie label was founded in 1994 by married couple Serena Rees & the son of fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, Joseph Corre, as both of them wanted to put an end to their disappointment regarding the absence of sexy underwear, once and for all. With designs that are just as nostalgic as they are sexy, as well as delightfully appealing diva styles, the married couple quickly found success and now number major stars among their clientele. In 2000, Argent Provocateur then created the first perfume for women: Emotionelle. A scent that inspires dreams, due to its flowery freshness, coupled with a waft of musk. Femme is the right choice to completely tantalise the senses and melt away. Just as much an asset to the scent line, and equally as attractive, is the pure enticement that goes by the name of Maitresse. Men will find it difficult to resist this scent creation. Pure seduction from the delicate waft of lotus blossoms and Chinese ylang ylang. Simply irresistible.