Absolument absinthe Accessoires and Fragrances

Just how great is the allure of the forbidden? Or the mysterious? At the start of the 20th century, these qualities of absinthe were celebrated at parties in Paris in huge numbers, and the numbness brought on by drinking this particular tipple consequently led to a complete ban on the consumption of absinthe in 1915. The “saviour of absinthe” in this current century is Pascal Rolland. By undertaking innovative studies, he refuted the suspicion that absinthe was harmful and under the brand name of Versinthe breathed new life into the drink at his factory, Liquoristerie de Provence. He has been surrounded by the fragrant aroma of absinthe every day since 1999. It was an obvious next step to take inspiration from the nearby town of Grasse - famous throughout the world for its fragrances - and create a unique absinthe fragrance. And so two years ago, together with parfumier Marc Villaceque, Pascal Rolland created a quite extraordinary perfume based on absinthe and cannabis - Absolument Absinthe - forbidden substances that proved irresistible in their pure form to Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gaugin, Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde who are (in)famous all over the world for creating works of art with their senses in a cloud of intoxication!

Accessoires and Fragrances of Absolument absinthe